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Defying Odds: Sarah Marie's Journey to Success

Jul 28, 2023

Sarah Marie Naska was confronted with seemingly impossible challenges in her upbringing, solidifying her status as the archetypal underdog. But, she had a fire within her, a tenacity that refused to be extinguished, and quickly became known as one who never backed down from a challenge. From a young age, she saw injustice in the world around her and knew that she had to do something about it.  


With a heart full of compassion and a will of steel, she set out to make a difference in this world. Through countless obstacles and setbacks, Sarah Marie persevered. She studied hard, and was the first in her family to graduate college. She was determined to overcome the limitations of her circumstances, despite the naysayers who told her she couldn't achieve her dreams. Her life moto echoes "to be the help you wish you had”.  She has since gone on to start a non profit organization, and several successful businesses in finance, real estate investing, fitness and nutrition and corporate aviation, most recently in sales, which allows her to work remotely all over the world while helping others. She discovered that by working hard, not only paves the way for successful endeavors, but also allows time to travel and serve, money to give back to those in need, all while finding purpose and fulfillment.   As Sarah Marie’s remarkable journey continues, the sky remains the limit. In the realm of aviation, it becomes a gateway to a life of fulfillment, adventure, and the joy of soaring amongst the stars. Sarah Marie found herself at the helm of unforgettable journeys, whisking Hollywood A-listers, influential entrepreneurs, and esteemed dignitaries across the globe. The trust bestowed upon her by the celebrity clients was a testament to her exceptional abilities, professionalism, and genuine passion for people and aviation. Despite all of Naska’s success, she will never forgot her roots. She remains humble and grateful for every opportunity that comes her way. Now, as a successful entrepreanuer and a passionate servant of the community, she gives back whenever she can.  


In the end, Sarah's journey from underdog to compassionate giver and successful entrepreneur, reminds us that we all have the power to make a difference. It doesn't matter where we come from or the challenges we face; what matters is the fire within us, our sense of humor in life's challenges and the determination to serve and help others in need.

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